Advances in Motor Learning & Motor Control 2023

Welcome to Advances in Motor Learning & Motor Control 2023

Walter E. Washing Convention Center in Washington, D.C., Room 140
Friday November 10th, from 12pm- 7:00pm.

This symposium provides an annual forum for presenting the best new work in motor control and motor learning, including studies of human motor behavior, imaging, motor neurophysiology, and computational modeling.

Our program typically consists of 10 talks selected from peer-reviewed submitted abstracts, and 3 invited plenary talks. Submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by our program committee and the top 10 reviewed abstracts will be presented at the meeting. Abstracts should be two pages maximum, with one page of text and one page of figures. See below for further details. The submission deadline for abstract submissions will be September 27th.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.!

Maurice Smith, Gelsy Torres-Oviedo, Sam McDougle & Kurt Thoroughman (co-chairs)

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Detailed submission instructions:

There are no submission fees. The acceptance rate for talks has historically been around 30%. The abstract submission deadline for MLMC 2023 will be September 27th.

Abstract submission consists of a 2-page PDF (1 page of text & a 2nd page primarily of figures and their captions). The main text should be ≥ 11pt with a line spacing of ≥ 1, and figure captions should be ≥ 9pt. Successful abstracts from previous years are available here. See the link at the bottom of this page to submit an abstract. 

Submissions will be competitively peer reviewed by our program committee of over 40 leading experts in motor control and motor learning, and reviewer comments will be provided. The top submissions will be accepted for 22-minute oral presentations (6 minutes of which is reserved for questions). If you are a faculty member willing to review about 5 abstracts and would like to join the program committee please send a message to

Program for last year's meeting:

12pm–7pm Friday, November 11, 2022
The Marriot Marquis, San Diego, Marina Ballroom F

12:00 PM – WELCOME

Plenary Speaker: Wilsaan Joiner (UC Davis)
Assessing Motor Control Capabilities in Children with Congenital Upper-limb Differences

Sensory tuning in neuronal movement commands
Matthias P. Baumann, Amarender R. Bogadhi, Anna Denninger and Ziad M. Hafed

Initial conditions in dorsal premotor cortex covary with RT, are altered by trial outcome, and combine with sensory evidence to induce choice-related reach dynamics
Pierre Boucher, Tian Wang, Laura Carceroni, Gary Kane, Krishna Shenoy and Chandramouli Chandrasekaran

Increasing reward drives motor cortical activity to, and then away from, an optimal preparatory state
Adam L. Smoulder, Patrick J. Marino, Nick P. Pavlovsky, Emily R. Oby, Sam E. Snyder, William E. Bishop, Byron M. Yu, Steven M. Chase and Aaron P. Batista

1:40 PM - 2:00 PM – Coffee Break

Serial Dependence Reveals an Active Suppression in the Sequential Motor Planning
Tianhe Wang, Yifan Fang, David Whitney, and Richard B. Ivry

Consolidation of adaptation memories depend both on the passage of time and sleep
Agustin Solano, Gonzalo Lerner, Pedro Caffaro, Luis A. Riquelme, Daniel Perez-Chada and Valeria Della-Maggiore

Environmental impedance determines the rate of motor adaptation
Laith Alhussein, Andrew Brennan and Maurice Smith

A cost for switching between learned controllers for different visuomotor maps
Kahori Kita, Yue Du and Adrian M. Haith

3:30 PM - 3:50 PM – Coffee Break

Command timing variability, rather than signal-dependent noise, determines motor coordination
Atsushi Takagi, Sho Ito, Hiroaki Gomi

Interhemispheric communication supports bimanual coordination: effects of posterior corpus callosum blockade
Jung Uk Kang, Eric Mooshagian and Lawrence H. Snyder

Evidence from post-stroke arm paresis for separate control of moving and holding still
Alkis M. Hadjiosif, Kahori Kita, Scott T. Albert, Robert A. Scheidt, Reza Shadmehr, John W. Krakauer

Plenary Speaker: EunJung Hwang (Rosalind Franklin University)
Aging, decision-making, motor control, and learning

5:30 - 5:45 PM – Coffee Break

Vigor of movement to probabilistic reward tracks sign and magnitude of reward prediction error
Colin Korbisch and Alaa Ahmed

Effects of reward and effort on decision-making and movement vigor of marmosets
Paul Hage, In Kyu Jang, Vivian Looi, Simon Orozco, Mohammad Amin Fahkharian, Ehsan Sedeghat-Nejad, Jay Pi and Reza Shadmehr

Plenary Speaker: Okihide Hikosaka (NIH)
Learning by parallel neuronal circuits for motor skill

7:00 PM – END

Abstracts from all previous meetings are available here.





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